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  1. Carbon Fiber Door Handle Covers

    The Outpost
    For sale brand new carbon fiber door handle covers. They don't quite fit my color scheme of green/black. Asking $30 shipping included via PayPal.
  2. Cargo Security Cover storage tip

    I really like what they did with the Grand Cherokee and have a place to store the cargo security cover under the cargo floor, because it is completely out of the way and there when you need it. But I don't remember reading anything about where to store the Patriot's security cover other than a...
  3. Squeaky Hubcaps

    Hello: I know this is a minor problem, but I thought I would ask and see if any of you have found an easy fix for this issue: My used 2008 Patriot came with a set of the "chrome"ish full size wheel covers (I am used to calling them hubcaps) that fit over the stock 16 inch stamped rims (see...
  4. Patriot/Compass Accessories for Sale

    The Outpost
    Hi everyone, My Patriot was written off after an idiot ran a red light and t-boned me. Thankfully I'm ok, with some minor injuries. Anyways, I've decided to switch it up so I have some stock accessories for sale. All in excellent condition. 1. Mopar OEM Jeep Patriot Premium Carpet Floor Mats...
  5. Power Windows & The "Window Crank Cover"

    Electrical and Audio
    Hello Everyone: I am still contemplating my Patriot purchase and had a question... as I do not have any nearby Patriots to look at currently (stock is out), I was wondering about the following: 1. I heard that the power window buttons only partially light up at night? Is that accurate? 2...