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  1. 48000km/24months service cost at a dealer

    Hi all, I was quoted AUD$801 to service my 2014, 5-sp manual, 4X2 riot at 48,000km/24months as per the service schedule. The changes, as stated in the service handbook, include: change engine oil & oil filter rotate tyres inspect engine air filter (replace if necessary) replace engine air...
  2. Paint Bubbled/Chipped Rear Wheel Well

    Hi, I noticed above my passenger side rear wheel well the red paint was bubbling... Now a bubble has been chipped off ( the paint came off ) and there is a little spot of rust. There is more bubbling along the wheel well too that is cracked.. How much would it cost to get this fixed? Not only...
  3. 5 speed transmission whine, Your Repair solution and cost?

    Engine and Drivetrain
    Can anyone that has had their manual transmission whine fixed please explain how your particular problem was resolved and how much it cost to do it. I cannot pinpoint a thread here that covers this, or at least not this direct, I've read many already. Every mechanic wants to charge me $800...
  4. Please Help a Jeep Newbie!

    Newbie Check-In
    Hello Patriot Community! I am an excited potential Jeep buyer who is seeking the wisdom and sage advice of some of you old hat types. The first question is rather general. My family seems to have some vendetta against Jeeps (and most American cars in general) because of a lack of quality, but...