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  1. Coolant - am I on crack?

    Engine and Drivetrain
    So I've smelled coolant 'a little' since the last time the dealership worked on the vehicle during the second transmission replacement. Doesn't seem to be leaking anywhere, at least not to the ground etc. While checking oil, I noticed it was at the add line. I swung by the auto parts store to...
  2. Slow coolant leak?

    Jeep Patriot General Discussion
    I just topped off my coolant resovoir with anitfreeze. I'm going to track it to see if it has a leak. i noticed the past few days when i turn on the AC it has a weird smell. not a burning or gas smell....just weird and different. it only lasts for about a minute or two....maybe less then all...
  3. Flush Radiator / Coolant

    Engine and Drivetrain
    I know, I know, this may be a stupid question but I am going to ask it because I do not know the answer. I usually do all the maint. and repair on all my cars but I am scratching my head on this one. My 2008 Pat is ready to have the coolant removed and replaced with new. I have all the...
  4. Topping up my coolant

    Engine and Drivetrain
    I'm getting quite low on antifreeze, and a bit of searching on this forum seems to suggest that I can use Zerex G-05 instead of the MOPAR fluid that the service manual recommends. Should I be able to just top up my tank, or do I need to look at draining and flushing the whole thing before I...
  5. What kind of coolant to use? Need advice

    Engine and Drivetrain
    I've owned my Patriot for 2 weeks now. With the heatwave here in Chicago this weekend, I've been using the AC a lot. After driving in stop and go traffic with the AC Running, I noticed when I parked that there was coolant leaking from my vehicle, I popped the hood and noticed that it was...