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  1. Suspension and Tires
    I get bored a lot at work and tend to look at stuff on the net. Any body notice these were out there before? Seems they just retain stock height but constant rate so they should solve the saggy bottom. Moog Constant Rate Springs Front 4WD, FWD 2007-2010: #81492 Rear 4WD, FWD-Sport 2007-2010...
  2. Suspension and Tires
    I'm in the process of installing my crdstu front coils right now. Is it normal for the springs to bow? They are bowing quite a bit. I fit them on with the spring compressors and they look good but after getting the top nut on and loosen the compressors it bows... Please help ASAP!
  3. Suspension and Tires
    Hello all, first post here but I've been reading for months. After reading MANY favorable posts on the CRDSTU coils I ordered the coils today and wanted to give you all some updates. 1. There is only one type available now, no more HD and regular. The only one available is a hybrid of the old...
  4. The Outpost
    Anyone interested in a set of STU Coils, please PM me. I am asking for $400 shipped (Within continental US), they are usually $560+ new. I have used them for the past year or so to my satisfaction. However, the lift made it hard for my wife to load the kids everyday, so it has to go :doh: ...
  5. Suspension and Tires
    So im looking to put a cheap lift on my 2010 riot, i was thinking of using coil spacers, dose anyone have any experience with any? im looking at thees, i know they are for a wrangler but i figured it work a shot, no...
1-5 of 5 Results