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  1. Exterior
    I'm looking for any shop in the Ontario/Rancho area that can help me do modifications in for my 17' Jeep Patriot. I just bought a second hand one and I'm trying to let it look and feel brand new! Looking for some good rims and tires right now and will do the rest of the modifications after. Any...
  2. Newbie Check-In
    Hi Guys, first time poster here, was wondering if anyone has taken their FDII pats offroading in Tahoe before. I'll be up there this saturday with some time to kill and wanted to see what kinda beginner wheeling I could get into. I've done some mild trails up in Mammoth with ease and want to...
  3. California
    I was thinking about starting a legit crew of any Jeeps that are being built up in anyway. My friend has a 98 jeep cherokee and is planning on doing alot to it like I am with my Pat. So if anyone may want to join, I am thinking of names so that I can make a decal and have my friend make it to...
  4. California
    With guys making state decals I asked Bulldog to make one for CA Patriot owners. What do you guys think? Any design ideas are welcomed as well. As of now it's only a paper copy.
  5. The Outpost
    I bought new rims for my '08 Patriot and I've had my stock 16's in my garage for about a year now. (forgot about them:doh:) so im looking to sell them now that im moving. Not sure how much they are worth. make me an offer! (Im in Northern California)
1-5 of 5 Results