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brake light failure

  1. Stuck in Park, Brake Lights Out

    Engine and Drivetrain
    Hey all. I've looked at a number of threads here on this topic and this forum has been very helpful in narrowing down the source of this problem. I picked up an 07 Patriot for a laughably low price the other day will the full knowledge that 1) it was stuck in Park, 2) the Brake lights (including...
  2. Help! Abs sensor, bas/esp, 4wd!, traction control, brake system lights

    Jeep Patriot General Discussion
    Hello all, i need some help diagnosing/troubleshooting some issues i have been having with my 2008 patriot sport. On my dash panel, I have the warning lights for ABS, esp/bas, traction control, 4wd!, and brake system lights on. I am getting to my wits end (and bank account) trying to isolate...
  3. Tail light issues

    Electrical and Audio
    I have a problem with the brake lights on my wife's 07 Compass. They don't work only the third brake light comes on. I think it is because I have been using a universal trailer light harness. They stopped working saturday when i hooked up the trailer but they worked in the past. I have since...
  4. Help!! Brake lights don't work

    Electrical and Audio
    Parking lights turn on but no brake lights.3rd brake light works but that's it.The bulbs looked half dark but not blown I changed the bulbs but still nothing.I have to go to work tomorrow! used my test light to see if power goes to the bulb but it doesn't only the parking light wire does.I am...