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  1. Newbie Check-In
    g'day everyone ! I am brand new here. I litteraly just bought a 2009 patriot yesterday and was googling to see how I can improve my kmowledge on the vehicule and here I am ! I so excited about this ! already have a ton of questions I'll look and digg in the forum see you all soon
  2. Australia
    Hi everyone, Wondering if anyone with a patriot that has the fog lights on the sides of the front bar, not closer to the middle (seems like just the overseas/Australian models have this but I could be wrong) has fitted recovery points? All the ones i've seen fitted are where the fog lights are...
  3. Suspension and Tires
    Hey guys, Sure this has been covered before so feel free to direct me to another thread but looking to lift my 2014 Patriot in Australia, apart from CRD springs, i cant seem to find many options in Australia without shipping from US. I'd probably prefer a spacer kit for ease of install as I'd...
  4. Australia
    Hi all, I was quoted AUD$801 to service my 2014, 5-sp manual, 4X2 riot at 48,000km/24months as per the service schedule. The changes, as stated in the service handbook, include: change engine oil & oil filter rotate tyres inspect engine air filter (replace if necessary) replace engine air...
  5. Australia
    So I ordered a new H13 bulb fro my blown headlight and I cannot for the life of me get it out. The manual states- *Raise the hood and locate connector behind the headlamp. *Reach into engine compartment and pull red lock out at connector. *Twist the bulb to the left and pull outward from...
  6. Newbie Check-In
    Hi Everyone! Just drove off the lot with my brand new Jeep Patriot Sport 4x2 the other week and am loving it. Have already had the rims sprayed and thought that this would be the perfect place to bounce some ideas around and learn from the more experienced. Hopefully you guys are keen to help...
  7. Newbie Check-In
    Hello! I just bought a 2009 jeep patriot with 75'000 km. The 2.4l 4x4 limited CVT. It does have a 5 year warranty. I get it on Saturday. From all the great reviews and comments about the patriot I think I will be happy! It would have been nice to get the latest model but the extra $8000 is...
  8. Jeep Patriot General Discussion
    Amusing Jeep commercial. Patriot is the opening act! :banana:
1-8 of 9 Results