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  1. The Outpost
    I recently got rid of my Patriot and have a couple parts I am hoping someone here can use: - 1 pair Alpine SPS619 6 x 9 speakers. Installed for about 8 months, in great working order and definitely improve the audio in the Patriot. $50 - K&N Air Filter. Installed for about 32,000 miles...
  2. Electrical and Audio
    I have a 2007 patriot. I just bought a hifonics BRZ1700 it will push 2 alpine type R 12's. I am going to wire it for 1200x1 @2ohms RMS. My first question is, do I need to get a capacitor? or a bigger battery? I had a similar system in a mustang with a V8 and never had any problems, but I...
1-2 of 2 Results