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  1. Alarm going off

    Electrical and Audio
    Help help help. My much loved Patriot Limited 2.0l CRD alarm has started going off at random times, sometimes it's due to wet weather but I'm not sure about this. It has a new Mopar jeep supplied battery and all the electrical systems are good and tested. I set the alarm and then at any point...
  2. I want my alarm gone.

    Jeep Patriot General Discussion
    Hey guys, Just bought a used 2007 Patriot 4X4 Limited and I love it. The only thing I dislike about the alarm. I hate car alarms with a burning passion. What I want to do is get a copy of the key and chip made for my keyport. Unfortunately that means I won't have the lock/unlock...
  3. Engine wont start!! Help??

    Engine and Drivetrain
    Backround info I parked my jeep at around midnight last night, everything was working fine. Went into my house, and from 12-1 i was in and out of my jeep, moving stuff into the house and loading her up for a camping trip. Went to bed. This morning, jumped in my Jeep around noon, and it wont...
  4. power windows/locks

    i got my 2010 pat with FDII but it didnt come with power windows or power locks....does anybody know roughly how much it would cost to have power windows/locks and an alarm installed? i went to one place by my house and all he did was type into a calculator and came up with $1000 as a...
  5. Alarm Issue - Help!!

    Electrical and Audio
    Hi I am fast becoming unpopular in my neighbourhood. The reason - my Patriot alarm goes off unexplained in the middle of the night (with or without the motion detector activated). The dealer changed the central unit (inside roof) and the problem went away, but as now returned 1am on Tuesday and...