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  1. A/C Blows When it Wants

    Hi all, I'm having an issue with my A/C basically working when it wants. Sometimes I can start up the car and it kicks on right away, blowing nice and cold. It's worth noting that when it blows, it's always cold, never had an issue with that. Now, sometimes it won't blow at all. To fix, I'll...
  2. Air conditioning delay

    I just bought a 2012 Patriot a couple days ago and one thing I have noticed is that when I start the car, the air conditioning doesn't blow right away. I can hear that it is on, but there is nothing coming out of the vents (at all) for about 20-30 seconds. I thought it might have to do with...
  3. 2012 JEEP PATRIOT A/C

    Jeep Patriot General Discussion
    Hello! I have 2012 Jeep Patriot Sport with about 700 miles on it and for some reason i just noticed that when i turn the a/c on it takes time to start blowing on the front vents, it blows bottom (feet) right away. Yesterday when i turned it on it did not want to switch to front at all it was...
  4. A/C Working Intermittently - Wtf? *SOLVED*

    Jeep Patriot General Discussion
    Hey Guys, First post, long time lurker. I'm hoping someone can help out or let me know if you have experienced this same issue. About three weeks ago I noticed my AC blowing stale/hot air intermittently with the A/C turned on and activated (a/c button depressed, and lit up). I noticed that when...
  5. Upper vents don't always work

    I had a lot more trouble with this in the winter than i do now, but several times i would use the remote start only to go outside and find that the upper vents hadn't opened and thus the cabin wasn't warming. I mentioned it when in at the Jeep dealer for the first check-up, but they couldn't...
  6. Air won't come out of dash vents

    I purchased a 2008 Patriot Limited about three weeks ago. We've had a couple chilly mornings this week so I tried using the heat for the first time the other day. When the heat is set on the option for the floor vents AND the dash vents, the air only comes out of the floor vents. I checked to...
  7. Air-conditioner making weird noise

    Jeep Patriot General Discussion
    Just noticed this today. When ever I started my car my air-conditioner started make a sort of high pitched noise and it sounded like a lil motor revving almost. I tried revving my engine to see if it increased the noise but it did nothing i turned it on and off and that didnt do anything then...