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  1. What are the biggest tires I can put on my Patriot with 69mm wheel space?

    Suspension and Tires
    I am sorry for asking this as it drives most crazy but my question is a little different. I can quickly find what the biggest tires I can put on my Jeep are if it were stock but I am having trouble finding anything about bigger tires for non-stock Jeeps. Between my aftermarket rims and my...
  2. Not enough voltage on lock actuator

    *I've done a QUICK search and I didn't find anything useful.* I bought aftermarket power locks for my base model 2015 Pat. When I installed all of them, the rear actuators TRIES to actuate and unlock/lock the door but it doesn't have enough force. HOWEVER, when the engine is started and on...
  3. 5 Speed Shifter Boot - (2008)

    Hello Everyone: I have looked through a lot of the forums without much luck, so I thought I would post another thread. My apologies of this information *is* located somewhere else, but I could not find it. My 5-speed 2008 Patriot has a black rubber shifter boot (standard), but the seams are...
  4. Off Road bumper

    Has anyone looked into getting a tubular or pre-runner style bumper intended for a wrangler, and modifying it for the Patriot? The bumpers that are available are all too big and heavy for my liking. Any thoughts?
  5. Aftermarket Touch Screen vs REN factory

    Electrical and Audio
    I just bought my White 2012 Jeep Patriot. :pepper: I am going to replace my stereo with a touch screen. So, I wanted some opinions. I am going without NAV, I have a GPS already, plus maybe no Satellite radio. Opinions on aftermarket vs factor? If you have an aftermarket, what one do you...
  6. After Market 6x9 problems

    Electrical and Audio
    I just replaced all of the stock speakers with 4 kicker DS693s. I just have the stock head unit with 4 speaker system on my 2012 patriot. All of the speakers are working, but I feel like I have lost volume and have have almost no bass (even worse than the stock speakers) and I know that the...
  7. 2011 Patriot Sport stock tweeter placement?

    Electrical and Audio
    Where exactly are the stock tweeters located? Where do you recommend installing after market tweeters?
  8. Do they have to drill a hole in my AM rims for TPMS????

    Suspension and Tires
    I bought some AM 22" wheels, and a set of new TPMS sensors. I am hoping this is a rumor, do they have to drill a hole in my brand new rims for the TPMS? I am also confused on the resetting of the sensors? Do I just have to drive a certain amount of miles at a certain speed for them to sync to my...
  9. Shallows Vs Regular Subs

    Electrical and Audio
    So I currently have a pair of MTX Thunders 5500 taking up my entire trunk. Im only running 600 watt 450 rms alpine amp (does no justice to my subs) but am looking to "downgrade" to shallows. Does anyone have the aftermarket shallow subs in there riot. Just looking to get some info on how the...
  10. Check out my new rims & tires ...

    Suspension and Tires
    I just wanted to let everyone know that I put some new shoes on my 2011 Patriot Sport 4x4 (now dubbed "The Stormtrooper"), and the fitment combination that I used has worked perfectly. WHEELS: 16x7" Unique Series-297 with a 4" backspacing /// All black with black center caps and black lugs...
  11. Pilot Fog Light Kit

    Electrical and Audio
    My Patriot didn't come with fog lights. I ordered a set of Pilot lights for $32.82 (). Here is how I installed them: - Removed the inner fender splash cover for easier access. - Removed black plastic cover. - Drilled the hole from underneath to use the existing L-shaped bracket. - Used...
  12. Commander grill in place of a Patriot grill?

    I was at the local auto show today and I was wondering if anyone has seen it done or know if it could be done... I'm interested in putting a Jeep Commander (or 2009-2010 Liberty) grill on a Jeep Patriot. I suppose more specifically, will it fit? I'd like to know if I would still have room to...
  13. Exhausts

    Engine and Drivetrain
    Hey if anyone has an aftemarket exhaust for their PAT can they share some pictures or reviews and just some advice please