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a/c filter

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  1. Jeep Patriot General Discussion
    hey all. Recently I received an email from the dealership service area after a routine oil change that suggested I change my “air conditioning filter”. Looked it up on YouTube and replacing it looked fairly simply but I can’t find a matching picture on the Autozone website. All of theirs are...
  2. Jeep Patriot General Discussion
    I'm ready for the 24,000-mile service on my 2008 (2-liter, manual trans). The Maintenance Log says it's time to replace the A/C filter. My mechanic says he can't do it and I have to go to the dealer. That's surprising. Does anyone know the explanation? Have you ever replaced this filter...
  3. Interior
    The cabin (A/C) filter is located behind the glove box. Open the glove box. Push the sides, at the back of the glove box, together to get the glove box to drop down completely. You will see the fan housing and there is a plastic cover with airflow stamped on it. Take the cover off and replace...
  4. Interior
    I did some research here first and it seems like everyone recommends the Mopar one. I just had to be different. I picked up a WEB electrostatic carbon furnace filter @ Target for $8, cut it to ~8.5x8" and slid it into slot behidn the glove box. It has a MERV of 9, which is decent. I use 11...
1-4 of 4 Results