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  1. Suspension and Tires
    Hello to all! I recently just got a 2017 Jeep Patriot Latitude FWD. The tires it came with are 215 60 r17. I'm a mailman and have a bit of gravel roads throughout my route. I wanted to purchase some 10 ply tires but I'm sure I'd have to lift my vehicle and for now I'm looking for some tires that...
  2. The Outpost
    Selling my 2017 Jeep Patriot 4x4, 5 speed manual transmission with only 9800 miles on it. Like new condition, rigged to tow behind RV with Blue Ox setup complete with brake actuators! Condition is excellent-located in California near Yosemite. Call or email for pictures or questions ...
  3. The Outpost
    Selling my 2017 Jeep Patriot 75th anniversary edition. It has 19K miles on it. It hasn't had any problems and is still under warranty (until 36k miles for everything and 60k for powertrain). It is a 4x4 automatic. It is the forest green model. I am asking $18,750 Let me know if you are interested.
  4. Jeep Patriot General Discussion
    I have a 2017 Jeep patriot 75th-anniversary model. It has about 18k on it. When I am idling, it has some bad vibration. If I put it in neutral, it will stop. When I'm driving I don't notice any vibration. I have taken it to the dealer and they can't find anything wrong with it. Does anybody have...
  5. Jeep Patriot General Discussion
    Found this on another car enthusiast forum, and thought it would be fun to see here. Note: If you're looking for somewhere to tell about your entire project plans, this isn't it. Post just a little something about what you did today. Whether it's messing with your sound system, changed your...
1-5 of 5 Results