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  1. Ac recirc not working

    Jeep Patriot General Discussion
    I have a 2011 pat. My ac works just fine but the recirc just spontaneously stopped working. Press the button and nothing not even the light comes on. I have tried diff ac settings including the floor and defrost modes but nothing works. Any idea what may cause the recirc the not work?
  2. Mom needs help! 2011 ABS, 4WD! ESP lights - push on or stay put?

    Jeep Patriot General Discussion
    Hi Folks - New to the forum and mom of two babes who I want to be safe on our massive haul to OK in a few days. No car experience but have made a detour to Pops house and he is a mechanic and may be able to fix if nothing major. Currently, the 4WD!, ABS light and "snakes behind the car"...
  3. Normal Noises or Not

    4X2 Patriot Discussion
    The dealer replaced the CVT in my 2011 2wd Pat Latitude under warranty a week after I bought it with 35,935 miles on it. The carfax showed the original owners traded it with less than 2 weeks left of their first 5 years. The thing was immaculate inside and out and the dealer has their own 100K...
  4. Hi and Forgive Me in Advance!

    Newbie Check-In
    Hello everybody. In 20 years of computing I have never really joined a forum site so please understand that I really am a newbie. I google just about everything I need to research but I figured that a site like this and people like you may help me with the paranoia I have about my first Jeep, a...
  5. 2011 Patriot hits 100000 miles today.

    Jeep Patriot General Discussion
    Our 2011 Patriot clicked over 100000 miles today. I wish I would have taken a picture! This has been the best vehicle I could have wished for, it refuses to let me down. It has not had an easy life, it has been subject to severe off roading quite frequently. The vehicle has not had the best...
  6. Uconnect 82212499 or 82212159

    Knowledge Base Submission Forum
    I'm looking to add the Uconnect kit to my 2011 Jeep Patriot Latitude but in researching the correct part number, I keep finding conflicting information. I have the 430N RHB Navigation Stereo. Which of these two part numbers is the correct one?
  7. 2011 Patriot Shifter Knob

    2011 Jeep Patriot - manual trans (5 speed) The plastic cap on the top of my MANUAL shifter knob broke :( I want to buy a new ball type knob, but I'd like to understand how to do the removal and installation before diving in. I've already searched the forums and couldn't get a definitive...
  8. Aftermarket deck install help

    Electrical and Audio
    Alright I have been looking around and cant seem to find the proper information on everything I need to install a aftermarket deck in my 2011 jeep patriot. I have the basic 130RES head unit (only cd/mp3/aux) I cant figure out on what wiring harness I need, and how I would go about wiring it...
  9. Weird plug question, someone help?

    Jeep Patriot General Discussion
    So I was looking today at the fog light ports for my 2011 jeep patriot and noticed this strange plug looking thing, not to sure what to thing of it or anything. Does anyone have any idea what it is, or if your patriot has something similar? (Located in driver side) Thanks
  10. Wire amp/subs to factory jeep deck. Help?

    Electrical and Audio
    Does anyone have any idea how I could hook up a amp to my factory 2011 jeep patriot. Is there anything special that I need to get to do this? Thanks for any help. My jeep has the basic deck, no Bluetooth or u-connect. Just the single AUX out on the front.
  11. DIY 2011 Patriot Tow hook install

    Well here it is as promised. My first DIY. Comments and criticism appreciated. First off tow hooks were ordered from Pollard Parts Store for 170$ shipped part number is 82212577 Second I'm cheap and didn't get the lower fascia with the vents cut out (Extra 80$). So I went to the local auto...
  12. Quick Hitch Question

    Jeep Patriot General Discussion
    Will a 2010 hitch fit a 2011??? I know some cutting of the plastic will have to be done, I just want to make sure the bolts and stuff line up.
  13. 2011 Jeep Patriot trying to win car shows!!!

    Newbie Check-In
    I have had my Patriot since April 2011. I have and still am completely transforming it and customizing it to my liking! I could list all the things I have done but that would take forever. Lets just say I have turned a basic stock 2011 jeep Patriot into a Pimped out mobile potential car show...
  14. MrJeepR44's wheel hub rust cleanup

    Jeep Patriot General Discussion
    So last fall I took a look at my wheel hubs and noticed slight rust. About a month ago I got the stuff to clean it and take care of it, but never got around to it until today. I was pleased to see the rust hadn't really gotten much worse since I last checked it. To clean it, I used WD40 and a...
  15. MrJeepR44's gripe thread

    Jeep Patriot General Discussion
    I will preface by saying this: When I left Toyota for my Jeep, I was expecting some minor quality issues going to Chrysler. Even though I expected some minor issues, I still went with the Jeep because it was and still is the only small SUV designed for off road driving, gets decent fuel economy...
  16. Towing?

    Electrical and Audio
    I just got a 2011 Patriot Latitude 2.0 2X4 automatic and it states online that it comes standard with a towing prep group that has wiring harness and oil cooler. I can not find the harness anywhere nor under the vehicle. Am I blind? ~Also where is the oil cooler? ~I want to install a hitch...
  17. 2011 clutch.. FAILED

    Engine and Drivetrain
    the story goes like this....i was in northern AZ visithing my parents. After the awesome visit we headed back to cali. I was traveling South on Hwy 89 toward flagstaff and was in the passing lane. I was coming up on a slow car, so i down shift to 4th and passed the car. After i passed the car i...
  18. My 2nd Patriot, my first post...

    Newbie Check-In
    Hey! Glad to have found this forum. I just traded in my 2007 Patriot for a 2011. This 2nd one is nicer, more features, and they apparently fixed a few shortcomings from the first model year. While I still pine for the days of my Jeep Cherokee Classic, I don't miss the 17 mpg. The Patriot has...
  19. Front Tow Hooks (2011 Sport 4x4) r/t Fascia

    Presently, I have got a set of front tow hooks on order for my 2011 Sport 4x4.... :) I have rec'd some conflicting information about installation r/t the fascia... :confused: One on-line dealer tells me that I can order a lower fascia that already has the holes opened up for front tow hooks...
  20. 2011 Jeep Patriot Latitude (not X) VIN = 2011 JEEP PATRIOT SPORT???

    Jeep Patriot General Discussion
    This is a technical question, specific to 2011 Jeep Patriots. SHORT VERSION: Although lists 3 models/trim levels for the Patriot (Sport, Latitude, Latitude X) – or 4 if you also count Latitude X 70th Anniversary – for VIN designation purposes are there only 2 Patriot models: the Sport...