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  1. The Outpost
    Hello, 16" stock Patriot rims with tires for sale. I got new wheels when I fist bought the jeep and had intentions of using the stck ones fir winter but never did. Moving to flordia and have no room fir them now. I live in the SF bay area and will be driving cross country next week so Imay be...
  2. The Outpost
    I bought 17" tires and wheels from a member here for my 2009 Patriot and need to get the 16"s out of my garage. They are the factory 16" steel wheels, center caps and Goodyear Eagle tires that came stock on our 2009 Patriot Sport. We bought it new August 2009 and they are in perfect condition...
  3. Canada
    What winter tires are you using, and what do you think of them? My Patriot came with the tire size 215/60/17. There were hardly any choices for 17" and they were expensive too. I'm thinking of getting 16" rims instead for my winter set. I'll likely order 215/65/16 Goodyear Ultra Grip Ice...
  4. Suspension and Wheels
    Which tires fit & which ones don't ----------------------------------- I have a 4x2 grey '07 with the stock 16" steelies and 35 k miles on the original 205 tires, (so they're about to kick it). I've been looking up for what tires to buy in order to replace the originals, because I wanted...
1-4 of 4 Results