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Thought it'd show her off a bit
Built a 60 by 38in camper build with 2 1/2 plywood. Going to use this bad boy to cross country and save on hotels. This built was based off another jeep pat owner who originally built the design on youtube. I added and changed a couple of stuff on my own.
my jeep dont get more than 150 km/hour and when i put tronic in 6 speed dont get gas when i put pedal stay in 3000 rpm ... in D works well but dont go too fast
Little touches here and there haha
upgrades to the patriot interior
Just did a waterless wash and installed Mopar cargo net!
Washed the car and now left hand side electric mirror not working - 2014 Jeep Patriot
This is my 2016 Jeep Pat. 75th anniversary. I'm in love! Lmao
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