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  1. Recovery Points

    Hi everyone, Wondering if anyone with a patriot that has the fog lights on the sides of the front bar, not closer to the middle (seems like just the overseas/Australian models have this but I could be wrong) has fitted recovery points? All the ones i've seen fitted are where the fog lights are...
  2. Front Recovery Point

    Hi Rosso, that was my thinking, looks like it’s just tack welded to the steel behind the bumper, and not bolted to the chassis like other recovery points on other 4bies. The tie down point for transport sits under the body in he cut away from the fascia, so doesn’t seem like this is it. I agree...
  3. Front Recovery Point

    Hi Everyone, I own a 2014 Patriot, the Australian model, and just looking for direction for a front recovery point. Seems like many of the FD2 style hooks won’t fit the bumper of the overseas model, but the owners manual does reference a threaded block that the tow eye screws into, and says...
  4. Lift options in Aus

    Suspension and Tires
    Hey guys, Sure this has been covered before so feel free to direct me to another thread but looking to lift my 2014 Patriot in Australia, apart from CRD springs, i cant seem to find many options in Australia without shipping from US. I'd probably prefer a spacer kit for ease of install as I'd...
1-4 of 4 Results