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  1. 2011 pat additions

    Newbie Check-In
    Hey everyone though I have had a few prior post it has been some time so i was just wanting to share some of the things I have done lately to mine. I added the RC lift like I had stated before and though I put different rims on as you will see in the pictures I am not going to say much on them...
  2. A little support needed

    Jeep Patriot General Discussion
    Sandstone you’re the man I appreciate it I don’t know why but only thing I could get to come up was the trans filter itself nothing on the other but again I thank you
  3. A little support needed

    Jeep Patriot General Discussion
    Hey I hate to ask cuz it should be simple but does anyone have a link they can share for the transcooler filter for cvt and possibly a larger transcooler it self not having any issues but after reading up just going to cover my self just not having any luck finding anything on them so if you...
  4. Rough Country 2” lift

    Jeep Patriot General Discussion
    But if I can figure out a way for them to work out I will have to go back to the 245/75/16 because they looked great on my truck
  5. Rough Country 2” lift

    Jeep Patriot General Discussion
    I don’t believe you will have any problems whatsoever because that is the tire size that RC recommends. I went with 245/75/16 with spacers and pinch weld mod and got a small rub at full turn so now have the 245/70/16 which are the same as the 245/65/17 and I don’t get any kind of rub no matter...
  6. Just curious

    Suspension and Tires
    Appreciate the input sandstone and I figured there would be some things like having to change to all adjustable lower camber arms to possibly even fabricating a few things to adjust for the increase in drop but I will review what you done and the things you come up with and see what you had...
  7. Another lift thread

    Suspension and Tires
    I have the RC lift and it is doing great for me the only problem I had was getting a shop that knew how to do alignment with the lift on a Patriot lol but that was just because the first two shops I went to I knew better then to take it to them in first place but my usual place was booked up but...
  8. Just curious

    Suspension and Tires
    Hey how is everybody I had a question about something that I figured someone has tried all ready or at least looked into or see what anyone else thought about it. I put the RC lift on my pat but like a lot of others I’m sure wouldn’t hurt my feelings if I could get it higher and just by looking...
  9. Kentucky Patriots

    Southeast Region
    Any Kentucky folks on here send a message sometime if interested in sharing what you have done or maybe thinking of doing hit me up sometime I’m always interested in hearing what others have done or considering
  10. What’s up everyone though It’s probably obvious I’m new

    Newbie Check-In
    Thanks for the input ifnatz I appreciate it and yeah I have never really trusted just doing anything just with electronics though I know they play a part only way in my eyes to really get any kind of performance change is by changing the things that really matter like just for an example cam...
  11. What’s up everyone though It’s probably obvious I’m new

    Newbie Check-In
    I have been able to get a lot if useful information from here and hopefully I can return the favor to another one day possibly. I recently purchased a used 2011 2.4 Cvt pat 4x4 but couldn’t leave it how it was so I put the rough country lift on done the pinch weld mod with 1”1/4 spacers and...
  12. Patriot wheels sizing

    Suspension and Wheels
    This is my first time posting anything on here but I went through and reviewed past posts and read over everything that had been said and it helped me decide what I needed to do to get the look I wanted and just wanted to say thanks to all those who had shared what they had learned and had tried...
1-12 of 12 Results