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  • Ignatz ·
    I had more to say but PMs are now limited to 420 characters?!?!?
    Sandstone · ·
    I have no idea what's going on with the PMs' (now called conversations).

    I did see your posts.

    The reported items apparently go here now:

    Click on the link and let me know what happens.

    Also, do you have a drop-down menu at the top of the screen that says "Moderator"? If so that should give you a menu option for reported posts and the approval queue.
    Ignatz · ·
    Yes, I have the moderator drop-down. I clicked on the link but the folder is empty. I guess someone else acted on them. With the new platform I didn't want to delete something someone needed. Those posts just seemed wierd and nothing identified them as Admins.. Couldda been a spammer for all I knew.
    JeepersCreeper ·
    Could you point me in the direction of them? I was previously in the Compass forums but I didn't get much of a response let alone some help. I would greatly appreciate it :) It would mean the world to me because I truly want to build the most unique Compass that has come to be
    ColoradoMan ·
    Yeah that video I made became quite popular. It is still interesting to see what people are talking about on it. I might have had a better chance if I aired down my tires some. I am still happy with the patriot. Next weekend I am going up half moon creek to hike mt massive with a friend. Its a rough road supposively. This will be my 3rd off road trip this summer. I still have one left with Mt Antero which should be interesting. My wife has been complaining about how small the patriot is lately, I am thinking of maybe next year trading it in for a grand cherokee with the quadra lift suspension.
    ColoradoMan ·
    Do you know any trails near boulder? I keep seeing these off road reviews at the fastlanecar youtube, they look to be near boulder. I am looking for something to try this weekend in a new area with the patriot.
    Sandstone ·
    No, I don't have a hitch. But from what I've read they're not that hard to install. Mine came with the oil cooler as part of the FDII package, I'd think yours would too.
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