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  • Ignatz ·
    Hi, John--

    Good to hear from you. Glad you're OK.

    Sorry to hear about your GF. You're a good man, you'll find another. Personal story: after being with a GF for a couple years I realized it wasn't working. We broke up and I thought I was doomed to be single. Met the Girl who became my Wife later that week and I was scared I was doing the "rebound" thing so we didn't get serious for awhile. Been together 42 years now. I hope the years have been kind to the old GF. No doubt we are both the better for going separate ways.

    I've been busy. Wife and I sold our house and downsized to our cottage the end of June. We don't need a big house any more. House sold faster than I expected and we were frantic to get our stuff outta there. I took a week off from this site (and work) to get it all done. Still gotta put in central heat and re-do the bathroom. Never got the chance to do all that before the move.

    Hope your business is doing well.
    Ignatz ·
    Thanks for the friend request. I'd like to think I have a lot of friends on the site, but you're only the 5th person to actually request friend status. Thanks, bro!
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