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  • Atticnoise ·
    Hi Joe,

    I tried to post a new thread and I get a message that I'm restricted. Is there any specific reason and how can I get access to post? Thanks
    robi454 ·

    I have a question, would you guys mind if I had some jeeppatriot license plate frames made up and sold them on the site? I will be selling them at cost and not making a profit from them I want to help advertise the site and get some new members. Let me know what you think.

    SeaRiot ·
    jsut delete my account I dont know how to do it but I m not coming back anymore. I dont deal well with power hungry types who let it go to their head. Remove my information from your forum.
    jepstr67 ·
    No, I do not have any wiring diagrams. The manual I downloaded from Jimmy's site, had all the repair manual stuff, but the wiring part of it is not available.
    jepstr67 ·
    Joe, you made that cabin filter so I know you are aware of how the heating system works. Can you think of a way to fool the system into leaving the outside air duct open with the fan off? Basically a "vent" function with no power required.

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