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  • Jdog ·
    Just got the reimbursement check from chrysler!! thanks for your help Lee.... couldn't have done it without you!
    480KREEPIN ·
    got a question for you bud. I bought the additional dent and ding repair package. is that work done throught the dealership or an independent company?
    dixiedawg ·
    I know I still owe you my VIN, sorry. I keep forgetting. My Patriot is in at Krebs for an oil change, and they are going to see why it's not running right too. I gave them the paperwork I got from South Hills after they rebuilt the engine, and replaced the exhaust manifold. Hopefully they can figure it out. They were surprised that South hills didn't replace the plugs after rebuilding, and think they might have been damaged as well.

    Here's the dealer it's at now

    And again, thank you for all your help. And if there's anything I can do for you, just let me know. Maybe a nice Patriot poster for your office like I do for the Patriot of the Month winners?
    Kenny-g ·
    Well that sucks for me lol I just would love to see a limited edition higher end offroad model for every Jeep platform for this year (since it's the 10th anniversary of the Rubicon) and the GC already has the Trail Hawk edition...Oh well, guess I'll hvae to hope that the word gets accros via facebook posts and whatnot. Really sucks but nothing I can do I guess.
    JeepCares ·
    Sorry for taking so long to reply.

    Chrysler Group LLC cannot accept outside suggestions from individual and customers.

    Our product research department uncovers and considers product improvement suggestions within randomly selected customer focus groups. Our worldwide employees and affiliate supplier organizations propose ideas and work through the design and development phases.
    Kenny-g ·
    Hi JeepCares. Would you have the contact information for if I wanted to submit an idea to someone at Jeep who could do something about my idea? I'd prefer a direct email to someone if you have any? Thanks
    h3nry8888 ·
    Hi JeepCares, are you able to lookup if my Jeep Patriot 07 has the most recent updates in the PCM TCM?

    I can provide the VIN.

    MrJeepR44 ·
    Are you a Jeep rep? If so I've still got a couple questions that are still unanswered. Well one question for sure
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