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  • John Smeton ·
    Hey there, how is everything ? How is your 2nd generation compass? Thankfully my patriot is doing well.
    Ignatz · ·
    It got totaled in July. Gal hit me on the right front corner. Set off 6 airbags so insurance company wasted the vehicle. No serious injuries. I replaced it with a 2019. The 2018 burned oil. Got 1000 miles/qt.. Improved 3000/quart. My 2019 doesn't use any. I've averaged 33,4 MPG overall according to the EVIC. I miss my Patriot but I've got Wifey's in the stable so I still have a Patriot to play around with.
    John Smeton ·
    You're welcome. I realized you weren't on my friend list and realized how much of your posts have helped me. One of your threads convinced me that a fwd is good offroad and glad I get one. Im curious to how what us Jeep Patriot fans even think about getting as our next ride. I'm not overthinking it though, and just enjoying the moment and living in it
    elenners ·
    Hey, I actually traded in my Patriot last February so that's probably when I disappeared. I just remembered this account so I figured I'd log in to delete it! Haha
    mslakisha ·
    I did. I did. (hangs head in shame)

    I didn't mean to. (like a groomed poodle in a Victorian doggie cone necklace)

    I JUST got myself UNLOCKED. Apparently something weird happened to the site and now there's all these ads and weirdness. Can't say how long I'll stay. I'm writing a book and I have a few speaking engagements coming up. Hugs and Thanks, Brother!

    Andi's still stock BUT hopefully not for long.
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