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  • Kenny-g ·
    Sup? I just joined the dark side...traded my Pat in for a Wrangler on Monday night! It's a white '13 Wrangler Sport. Pretty basic but has an auto trans and cruise control so I'm happy lol
    TheDeadInMe ·
    ya i havent seen snow in quite some time. its nice here in the northwest. our winters are around 30-40 and no snow. you can go up to Mt Hood for some major snow though. it also snows in the foothills out here. We are a little lower in elevation. I think we may have a bad winter this year though. We are due for one. But ya I keep tabs on the weather out there as I have family out there.
    Will H ·
    Thanks for the Co./Ut. pictures you took. Dang than snow and ice covered road looked bad. The passes looked really scenic. I know the wife and I are looking at next year to do Colorado.
    Randoo-N-CJ ·
    Hey Hooz, sorry I missed ya then. Would have been great to actually say howdy face to face. Those hours you worked are mad-long though. If you ever get the chance to stop back and have a few minutes..please get in touch. I'm in the local phone book.
    Randy Fox
    Will H ·
    Thanks, We got a used white "02" Sahara from EBY Ford in Goshen. I believe it shows as "sold" on their web site now if you look. We didn't trade anything in we just have his and her Jeeps now (plus my work vehicle). The Wrangler needs to have some additions put on it since it's still stock. It will become the primary off roader and the Patriot will be semi-retired.

    My cell is 708.476.6294 we should be at the dealer around 11:00 CST so I'll give you a call when we get done there and are on our way back.
    Will H ·
    Ken, I'm heading out to Goshen Saturday to pick up our new (used) Wrangler and might come back via route 30. That means I'll be going through your neck of the woods. Maybe we can meet up if your free say around noonish.
    Will H ·
    A belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your wife Ken. Agreed we should get together again and I could check out the new Liberty. I've been busy with work and shopping for my Jeep Wrangler. I have been on the site looking around but not posting too much lately. Glad to hear from you.
    bayer ·
    Thanks for that link, all those pictures look great! Black Canyon looks like a cool place and if I make it out that way this summer, Crested Butte is definitely on my list as well. You're very lucky to travel as much as you seem to, I don't get the opportunity as often as I would like
    jepstr67 ·
    In Leadville, did you have breakfast at the restaurant where they serve 11" diameter pancakes in a stack 4 high? Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Pancakes.
    HoosierMud ·

    We live in Wanatah, over in La Porte County now. However, I grew up in Lake County. I grew in Lake Station and know Lake County pretty well. I know the Gary area really well, since I grew up just outside of Gary.

    The Kankakee Fish and Wildlife Area is a pretty good area--especially when it is wet and the roads have a little mud on them. They have 'One Lane Road' and 'Ten Mile Road.'

    I have never been thru Willow Slough. I wonder what the roads are like there?

    My son worked on a farm when he was younger and the farmer lets me take the Cherokee thru his farm fields when they're not planted.
    yomazboyfrend ·
    Sup Hoosier Mud,
    I'm from the 219 just wondering where you're from and if you've found any cool places to run the Patriot through. I had some fun in schererville the other day. Also started out on a side road near Cline avenue. If you know of any other places, please tell always looking to test the ride. Peace, Yomazboyfrend
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