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  • demolaysgirl ·
    Def meant labs! We've got 2...a blk lab/german shep mix (Fred) adopted in Germany, and a pure blk lab (Sadie) that was surrendered to a shelter where I used to work. F is smarter than any dog I've ever seen, but very hardheaded. S is very sweet and not quite as bright as F, but we love them both.

    When I worked @ the shelter, I took S to work with me every day. So she suffers separation anxiety when I leave her @ home. She is my "dbl wratchet strap" dog b/c she can bust out of her crate, so we have wratchet straps in an "X" across the crate door to keep her in & protect our belongings.

    Oddly enough, her prior family surrendered her to the shelter b/c they "couldn't keep her in." I say that they just weren't trying hard enough.

    F had surgery to remove a (thankfully) benign tumor from his tail last week. So we've got a 90-lb "conehead" right now. I think that it will take awhile for the bruises on my legs to fade from the cone banging into me.

    Aren't dogs great? :D
    davecanuck ·
    Noticed your signature today "Got Labs"
    You talking Labrador Retrievers, I add a picture of ours to my gallery.
    Got her from a dog rescue place, mom was a black lab (we met her), believe dad was a collie as ours is a little narrower in the barrel/chest then we would expect but is around 60 lbs. Sticks to my wife like velcro!
    If you meant some kind of other lab, OK then have a great day.
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