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I have a 2007 4x4 with a 5 speed.
I have noticed that the speed that you drive at, as a lot to do with the fuel economy you get.

at 80 km/h I get about 7.5-8.0 l/100km
at 90 km/h I get about 8.0-9.0 l/100km
at 100 km/h I get about 9.0-10.0 l/100km
at 110 km/h I get about 10.0-11.0 l/100km
at 120 km/h and over I am lucky to get 11.0 l/100km

In the city, it gets about 10.0 l/100km

I get around 500km to a tank of gas which is about 75% hwy and 25% city driving.

2005 TJ
2.5L 6spd
1" Body Lift
4" Suspension Lift
Front and Rear Lockers
33x12.5x15 Tires
8000lb Winch
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