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shouldnt be that much of a difference

Originally Posted by Baggio View Post
How many KM's are you guys all getting on a tank of gas?

I am lucky to get 325km if it is all highway. Some tanks are about 280km. The dealership tells me it is so low as I am in the break in period, and that by 15,000km it will be better. I currently have 3000km on my Jeep.

I find this to be just horrible. I am at the gas station almost every day. I can barely make it to my cottage on a tank of gas!

I was hoping that computer reprogramming issue that was posted on here would help this out, but the dealership said I have the most up to date software version already installed.
during break in period,
if anything should be getting better mileage as people tend to drive very conservatively during break in,
mileage from what i have seen varies from 21mpg/33kpg to 27mpg/43kpg
I am currently getting 21mpg/33kpg on my 4x4 FDII and fill up about every 250miles/402km that should be toward the low end
and i havent seen much of a difference between highway city mileage both getting about the same mileage
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