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: Child Car Seat Install

12-11-2010, 03:50 PM
We're now able to turn our childs car seat forward-facing and I have some questions about the install. I've read through both the seats owners manual and the Jeeps but still have some questions. I have the Evenflo Triumph Advance seat, I am using the LATCH system and currently have the seat installed in the center position. The seat is installed very securely with almost not slack/movement in any direction but I have some concerns. This is what the manual says

The LATCH system provides
for the installation of the child restraint without
using the vehicle seat belt. All three rear seating positions
have lower anchorages that are capable of accommodating
LATCH-compatible child seats having flexible, webbingmounted
lower attachments. Child seats with fixed lower
attachments must be installed in the outboard positions

It says "all three seating positions" so I'm confident having my seat in the middle position is okay and from what I've read is the safest place to put it anyway. The first question though is I think my seat has a "fixed lower attachment" but i'm not exactly sure as I've never seen them any different and I don't know what a "webbingmounted lower attachment" is or what it looks like. Based on the Jeeps manual unless I have the "webbingmounted lower attachment" the seat should be installed in the "outboard position" which I'm also not exactly sure what that means either. I'm assuming out board position means on either side of the Jeep not in the middle.

Do any of you have a seat installed in the middle position? Could you show some pictures and Let me know what seat you have, how you installed it etc. etc.
Sorry for rambling I hope this makes sense. As you know or can imagine my childs safety is my #1 concern :)
Thanks in advance for your help and or advice.

Happy Holidays!!!

12-11-2010, 04:11 PM
I think the issue (and I personally don't think it is one) is that the spacing for the center seat is non-standard. There are only (4) latch points in the Patriot. The outboard (either side) positions have standard latch spacing. The middle position is nonstandard because it uses the inner latch from each outboard.

I haven't seen them, but supposedly there are rigid latch systems. Obviously using the center position would not work for that since the spacing is nonstandard.

If your seat has the most common adjustable strap (woven webbing, like a seat belt) the fact that the spacing is more narrow (have never measured to see what it is) shouldn't be a problem because it will still be strapped in. Just check to see if the seat says anything about non-uniform spacing or "sharing" latches.

P.S. The center position is only the "safest" because statisically it has the least injuries per accident. Why? Because there is usually no one in that seat. Care to guess which seat is the "most dangerous"?

12-11-2010, 04:36 PM
P.S. The center position is only the "safest" because statisically it has the least injuries per accident. Why? Because there is usually no one in that seat. Care to guess which seat is the "most dangerous"?

(Raising hand) Oh Oh I know, the driver's seat. :p Because statistically there is a greater chance of someone being in the driver's seat during an accident.

Statistics are so cool. You can make them do all kinds of tricks.

12-11-2010, 09:54 PM
I beg to differ. I'd say the way-back-seat, in a 9 passenger wagon is the safest.:D

12-13-2010, 04:22 PM
unless you are rear ended in which case he's toast.

12-13-2010, 05:01 PM
In case anyones wondering :D
Here's a follow up
I don't have a fixed lower attachment, it is a seat belt with clips on each end that attaches to the LATCH system. So the meaning of that dumb description "webbingmounted lower attachment" the Jeeps manual uses is in fact a seat belt :doh:

Thanks JoeBecker.

And if anyone else is wondering what "fixed lower attachment" means and looks like here's a picture.

12-14-2010, 08:57 AM
The owners manual just says you can use the top tether in the middle seat for any type of seat. Because of the non-standard lower anchor spacing as JoeBecker said, some seats should not be used there. This link says the Triumph Advance does not recommend non-standard spacing ( My opinion is thast if the seat base moves less than an inch in any direction, you are good. With non-standard spacing, there is greater chance the seat can move, but every combination of installation is unique.

The center is still the safest because there is the most amount of crumple zone on each side. Never know if you'll be T-boned from the right or left side.

I have had three child seats in the 2nd row of my Compass for a brief time, but I'm down to one currently.