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Originally Posted by Mortaric View Post
I test drove a 2.0 for a day. It seemed to rev an awful lot to get up to highway speed and from stop lights. I discovered after driving it for a bit that I could keep the reving down by accelerating slowing and not pressing to firmly on the accelerator. I think that little engine has a big fuel efficiency potential if treated gently. I just could not get used to the CVT auto paired with it. I opted for the manual tranny to get a more traditional feel, which meant switching to the 2.4. If you don't mind the auto, the 2.0 would be a great choice.

Added bonus - If you live in Canada the 2.0 is the only automatic version of the Patriot that qualifies for the $1000 eco rebate.
Took me a couple days to realize how to drive it correctly. You have to feather the pedal...not stomp it, and you will be amazed at how effortless and fast you are at 70 mph and don't realize it. That's because the way the trans is designed. You don't feel the "SHIFT" most people keep pouring on the gas in search of the "shift" when there is actually no gears to shift. It does have a planetary gear but is used for reverse. The expected life of the CVT is 150,000 miles and should be covered under the lifetime powertrain...which is good as they are not rebuildable ! $1500 + Labor for a new one. But at least I'm not waiting to buy a clutch.
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