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Originally Posted by MINICooperS View Post
Speaking from experience, I think you probably won't see/feel much of a difference between the 2.0 and 2.4 while they are both new. If you plan on keeping the vehicle I believe you will be happier with the 2.4 at the 100,000 mile mark and beyond (as they get tired) and if you have it coupled with the 5-spd manual you are really going to be pleased with your transmission choice.
Interesting observation since there is nobody who has 100,000 miles on one yet Also, with my LIFETIME WARRANTY, i don't have to worry about it getting "tired" ! If it doesn't perform like new then the boys at the Jeep garage will have a job to do. The 2.0 has more than enough power for anyone and the CVT is the smoothest tranny I have ever driven ! The 5 -speed is ok i guess if you live in the boonies, but not for city driving. I am so sick of slapping gears after my last 5 speed that i would not accept one if the car was free !!! Also don't forget....the clutch is "not" covered on the 5 speed !
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