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Originally Posted by mightybeet View Post
i have a 2012 with CVT with 80K+ miles and this happens when i either gas it to pick up speed on highway or up hill at or just under 2500rpm. thought maybe misfire but no codes. i hope it is just the spark plugs and then i ll just have to apologize to my CVT for bad mouthing so much.
Its not your tranny. If it was slipping it would have died almost immediately.

Plugs are the cheapest possible route. Start there.

If that doesn't do it, what are your tires like? I've posted a couple times about having a problem similar to yours and concluded it was due to different tires on different axles. In my case it was nice new ones on front and really worn undersized on the rear. I think the different tire sizes turning at different speeds confused the computer, especially when its being asked to make a change, like starting to climb a hill. Like you, my problem was between 2000 and 3000 rpms, and it wasn't heavy acceleration that did it, just a little stronger than usual -- like you say a hill when the CVT makes a change in ratio, or leaving the toll gate and going from 30 to 60 mph.

So if your rubber is junk, that might be your problem. If your tires are consistently good and not odd-sized maybe your computer is getting bad data. GIGO.
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