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Throttle bodies can be cleaned, done mine twice.

There's two prevalent failure modes on a TB. Carbon build-up and stepper motor failure.

Carbon build-up on the throttle bore causes the throttle blade to stick, giving noticeable throttle response issues like jerking and bucking since the stepper motor cannot smoothly overcome the resistance of the blade interference. Enough build-up can cause stepper motor failure as well as it has to work harder.

Stepper motor failure or impending failure will also cause ETC and driveablity issues albeit at significantly more cost since this requires the replacement of the complete TB assembly.

There can also be electrical causes found in the wiring harness, ground points and relay/fuse boxes.

If one has the DIY ability, the cheaper option should be explored first. I would use the new CRC intake valve cleaner instead of TB cleaner. It has the better formula to dissolve the carbon more effectively and the procedure can be done from topside of the engine compartment. If there is no change in driveability then further troubleshooting will be required.


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