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Terminology can be confusing here. I'll share my problem and how I solved it.

First, go for the cheap fix first. Replace the plugs. You're talking <$20 and it might be all you need.

If that doesn't do it, may I ask the condition of your tires? Mine was stuttering on hills. Not usually from a dead stop, but during acceleration after it was already moving, like getting on an entrance ramp or coming to a hill where it needed more power. It was like the whole engine quite for an RPM or two, then it would smooth out. If it was a long hill it might happen again. At the time I had inconsistent tires -- one axle had fairly new tires, the other well-worn tires, and I think they were undersized. My guess (only a guess) is that the tires moving at different speeds was confusing the computer.

Please check back when you've got things figured out.

PS, at 230,000 miles I'm still on my original throttle body so if I were you, I'd be reluctant to spend that kind of money on speculation. I don't burn anything special for fuel; always regular, usually Irving or whatever Cumberland Farms is selling (Citgo I think).
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