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i had exactly same issue from day 1. it got worse and worse then instead of the bucking it would almost shut off the come back on really fast- like a long miss.

the etc light would flash and if you weren't looking for it you would miss it. then one day it stayed on for a few minutes. then went off.

long story short, i had a bad throttle body. they replaced under my lifetime added care plus less the 100$ deductible at 54,000 miles. i still get the once in a blue moon studder and expect a new throttle body in another 50k miles.... lol....chinese junk parts...

IF yours is not covered by any warranty, it may not be at 60k miles, i recommend pulling the codes- did they pull codes at dealer?- and confirm throttle body.

if it is the throttle body and not covered, i'd buy the one from rock auto for $140 which has a lifetime warranty as i recall and the part description specifically mentions it having a revided design to eliminate the OEM failure flaw....i would NOT pay over $500 for the dealer to replace with another cheap oem part that will fail in another 50k miles. I'd buy the rock auto one.

remember, mine did the same it appears since about new and slowly got worse. so maybe yours hasn't set the code yet.....

like other said, replace plugs with OEM plugs only. check air filter. replace as needed. easy and cheap.

if it still does it, i'd bet your throttle body is going out and from what i read, you can't clean it...must replace...

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