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Originally Posted by TrailBlazerZ71 View Post
Not my first rodeo bro, just because im new to Jeeps does not mean im new to the offroading world. I am VERY well aware of the ****ing difference between an all-season and an all-terrain tire. I wanted to know what these tires were like offroad. These specific tires. Ive had MTRs, Duratracs, and KO2s on my trucks. None of my prefered ones are in tbe size I want.

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Dude, I re read your message again, and I still reads like you're asking about the difference between the SR-A's and the yokohamas. I gave a valid response to that. Not sure why you're all over my backside for answering the question you asked. This site gets a lot of newbs (new to jeep, new to off roading) and so yeah, I assume that somebody asking if this tire is different than the stock tires is going to get a noob answer.

These are AT lights, nothing like a Duratrac or an MTR. They are very appropriate for the kind of wheeling a patriot is capable of doing.

You can get KO2's in the 225/65r17 size:
BFGoodrich*All-Terrain T/A KO2

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