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Originally Posted by aroundincircles View Post
There are a few things that are different:

1) Tread depth

2) Tread space

3) more biting edges

4) different rubber compound

5) overall tread pattern

6) wall thickness/plys.

The SR-A is designed to be quiet on the road, provide low rolling resistance, and not meant to be driven off road, like at all. It is a good tire for a truck that may carry a bit of weight now and then, but mostly just cruise on the highway.

any A/T tire has a deeper tread, typically with 3d aspects to help clear out mud, The space between the lugs is bigger to allow for better traction over rocks, there are more jagged edges, which gives it more grip in all directions (even side to side). The tread has a different compound that is usually softer, and grippier, the tread pattern leaves quietness and rolling distance behind to give better traction off road, and the sidewalls tend to be thicker, and the plys are thicker to be able to better resist tire damage, and can be aired down while still providing structure to the tire.
Not my first rodeo bro, just because im new to Jeeps does not mean im new to the offroading world. I am VERY well aware of the ****ing difference between an all-season and an all-terrain tire. I wanted to know what these tires were like offroad. These specific tires. Ive had MTRs, Duratracs, and KO2s on my trucks. None of my prefered ones are in tbe size I want.

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