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Originally Posted by calicojack View Post
I've been wanting to get a patriot but I see things like this and that the patriot isn't that great.
But how reliable has yours been?
how many miles do you have on it and what work did you need to get done or any normal wear and tear services. would you still recommend a patriot.
Reliability isn't really the issue, the Patriot is consistently ranked one of Chrysler's most reliable vehicles, but the reviewers always complain that they are "outdated" (I personally think this is a plus, I hate most of the electronic crap they are putting in many newer vehicles), the "utilitarian" interior (still much improved from earlier models, and again I think is a plus, may not be as "fancy" as competitors, but holds up well), the handling (they're comparing it to crossovers with 2-3" less ground clearance and nothing resembling off-road ability), and it's general "cheapness" (it is a cheap vehicle after all, you shouldn't expect a "luxury car" level of refinement in this price range).
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