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Originally Posted by calicojack View Post
I've been wanting to get a patriot but I see things like this and that the patriot isn't that great.
But how reliable has yours been?
how many miles do you have on it and what work did you need to get done or any normal wear and tear services. would you still recommend a patriot.
I researched SUVs nearly 2 years before my spring 2013 (LOL, 2014 model year) purchase....waited for the 6 speed auto to come out.
In my own mind, I debunked the magazine trash talk. At 40,000 miles I have no buyer's remorse, and my debt free life is kind of nice. When crossing the Canadian border, reaching back to UNROLL the back window, the guard's chuckle "they still make roll down windows?" gave me immense pleasure.

LOL, I might have to get out my bell bottom jeans to elicit even more gawks while driving my Pat. That article pleases my eccentric ways. I'm so delighted!

I guess we can all laugh on our way to the bank. If you can manage to read (between the lines) all of the article's comments, the truth about the Patriot AND it's haters is very obvious: The "new" Patriot is a decent vehicle considering its price, not to be judged on its initial crappiness. The haters hate anything not "in" - end of story.

Igster, you ROCK! Thanks for this gem!

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