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Unhappy ETC and Traction Control Warning light

I have a problem with my jeep patriot 2008, 3 weeks ago the ETC (electronic throttle control) and Traction Control light turn on and I lost engine power, It just ran idle. It can not go more than 2000 RPM. I turn it off and on and it was everything ok.
Now it started again with the problem, but turning off an on does not solve the problem now. The problem is that there are not DTC. just the ETC and the Traction Control warning lights. Without the trouble code I dont know if is a problem with the body throttle actuator, a sensor, the ETC.
I had read a lot of threads, but no body gives a solution, many of them took the patriot to the dealer, and the dealer starte replacing the body throttle, but after some weeks there was a problem again, the change the ETC, the PCM, and also the wiring.
So I dont know how to troubleshoot this. No check engine light, no codes, just the ETC and Traction Control light , No engine Power. I connected a Scanner and did not found anything.
By the way I live in a warm place, 12-30C, So I dont think is a freezing problem.

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One week ago I removed the body throttle and cleaned. It was so easy to unplug the electrical connector (It should not be). Well after cleaning and installed it again I plug the electrical connector and try to unplug it again, I was not easy to unplug it. Now my patriot is running ok, 10 days without a problem. this doesn't means this is a solution because the first time I got the problem it was solved itself and after 2 weeks it was again. Now the problem is that I dont know if it was a dirty boddy throttle, a loose connector, or the ECU that was reset when I disconnected the battery.
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Well, after 3 weeks running perfect my patriot, the problem is back again (two days ago). No power, 2000rpm at maximun, ETC (electronic throttle control) and traction warning lights are on. Check Engine light is off. I connected a OBDII scanner and there are not DTCs. My patriot is at a "limp mode", It is no the throttle pedal because with the scanner I can see how the parameter change when I depress it. and because it is limp mode, the throtle actuator control and throttle position parameters do not change. Today It is running ok, without problems. Suddenly it works great and suddenly it fails. I did not move anything.

Any idea how to troubleshoot this? if it does not send any trouble codes how can I know what is failing. Also Why if the ETC and the traction lights are on, why it does not turn on the check engine light??
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There were some folks who had trouble with ESP/BAS systems going haywire and it was a power splice in the wire loom along or near the driver side rocker. It had gotten water in it and corroded. They both fixed it by cutting and re-soldering the wires. You might want to start some wire loom jiggle tests to see if you can track down something similar.

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You're in limp mode, that's why your RPM is being limited. The computer knows something is wrong, so to prevent damage, it locks the system down to the bare minimum of functionality.
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The computer knows something is wrong, but why it does not set a DTC? Why it doesnt turn on the check engine light?
Two days ago I replaced the throttle body and I took it to the dealer in order to make the ETC Relearn procedure. Now it is working fine. But because it was an intermittent failure I am not sure the the problem was solved replacing the throttle body.

What else can turn on the ETC and the traction lights ?
Could be a wheel sensor?
a brake sensor?

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etc and traction control

Any progress with this???

I am having the same problem, just happened now???


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Here is the solution

You need to read my solution is not any of the above mentioned is one of your ABS sensors and the code is not coming up because you need to scan it with an ABS reader or at the dealer they need to pull the ABS codes

They are robbing you blind because the solution is just a $30 sensor
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Thumbs up

45 days since I replaced the throttle body and it is working perfect.
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You nailed it Gab.. i had the same symptoms with no code stored. I've had several episodes of this with my 2007 over the years, and the dealer mechanics would clean the ETC, flash the computer etc, but it was still present intermittently. A few days ago it 'failed hard' and wouldn't go above 2000 rpms. I had removed the hose coming from the air cleaner so I could see the butterfly valve in the throttle body, and the valve did not move when starting or when depressing the gas pedal. Took a chance and replaced the throttle body and it fixed it immediately. I opened the old throttle body and the plastic gears connecting the motor to the butterfly shaft were completely worn out. The computer had probably been trying to compensate for quite some time, but it finally reached a point where it would actuate the motor with no movement at all in the valve. Thanks for your posts!
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mine too..

Hi, I want to share some information about ETC, this is what hapened to me.

My Patriot (2007 2.4 limited CVT) have same symptoms, start at last january, ETC light flashing when accelerating hard, and now finally last month engine goes to "limp" mode, no revs above 2000 rpm. No computer resets etc does any good. Also ESP light turns on.

I read these forums, and raising knowledge of my car.
I dissemble air intake manifold, and found "butterfly" valve there. I was 100% sure that it's the cause of problem. But I don't have spareparts here, or Chrysler's computer/software to relearn new valve positions. So I have to take my Pat to local Jeep service.
They check engine codes (was none), also they stated that ETC light might maybe leave some codes to memory. Possible causes was engine computer, throttlevalve, or wiring. Then they finally replace that valve, and now my car is working fine, no ETC flashes or nothing...

This episode costs to me total about 600 euros here in Finland, and I know that throttlevalve costs about 140$ in America, so I think that I have been robbed!

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I am haveing the same ETC light flashing along with the ESP light. Limits power to between 1100 and 2000 rpm, Jeep barely moves. I have had it to the dealer 3 times, and no success as of yet. They tried reflashing the computer and it did not work. They they tried to clean the throttle body and this did not help either.

I am not optomistic at this time as to a resolution, but we will see.

I am sure they will try and replace the throttle body next, not sure if it will work or not.

I have 86,000 miles so it will be out of my pocket I am guessing.

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WOw, I can't beleive this is still a problem with Jeep patriots. I had this problem back in 2008. It's fixed now, but had been in the dealership 3 weeks during that time because they had a hell of a time trying to fix it.

THey replaced the throttle body, and it seemed to work for only a week or so. Eventually, they replaced the PCM (computer), and I've been problem free *knocks on wood*.

Here's my exp, and what they did to fix it.
1 Month of Ownership & have to Tow the new jeep in.
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My 2011 just started having those problems over the weekened. ETC flashing and traction light came on. Pat was in limp mode, until I turned it off and on then problem went away for now.

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Thumbs up

Since I replaced the throttle body the problem was fixed. I just pay the spare, and I replaced it, it was easy. But first I talked to the dealer to know if I bought the spare with them they can train the ETC, some of them did not wanted and some does. So I replaced it and took my patriot to the dealer, they connect the computer and train the ETC. I took less than a minute.
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